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Emma Tekstra

Skills & Expertise

Emma Tekstra, FIA, is a global health consultant and independent health researcher, passionate about helping companies and individuals understand what truly creates health and wellbeing. As a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries Emma is deeply rooted in the data and science of the human body and what makes it tick or break down.

Global Health & Benefits Consulting

Qualified Actuary

Employee Communications & Engagement

Health Technology Innovation

Employee Wellbeing Strategies

Program Design & Effectiveness

Global Expansion

Public Speaking & Corporate Training

Nutrition & Supplements

Efficacy of Natural Health Remedies

Addressing Corporate Healthcare Spend

Mortality Trends & Longevity Research

Identifying Toxins in our Daily Lives

Research & Publications

My Passion

Since healing my son from neurological, gastric and developmental problems that conventional medicine could only address with drugs and a poor prognosis over a decade ago, I have used my analytical skills to research and compare different approaches to health around the world. The data is very clear that the food we eat and the lifestyle we live has far more impact on our health and longevity than our genes, occupation, or circumstances. I strive to share this knowledge with individuals and businesses alike with the evidence to back up my position.

Modern healthcare (also known as allopathic medicine) is an industry; a multi-trillion dollar industry and growing exponentially along with its profits. The perception that conventional healthcare is altruistic and focused on making people healthier is a fallacy. Beyond acute care for a life immediately in danger the modern healthcare system has a poor track record for health improvement and in many cases can be shown to make the situation far worse. Conversely there is clear evidence that natural methods can actually reverse disease and improve health. Whether the focus is Food-As-Medicine, Supplements and Nutrient Therapy, Functional Medicine, Herbalism, Energy Medicine…. There are a number of possibilities depending on the individual’s circumstances and preferences, but therein lies the dilemma – understanding you have options. That’s where I come in!

“The greatest medicine of all is to teach people not to need it.” (Hippocrates)

My Background

Born in the United Kingdom I went to the University of Nottingham (home of Robin Hood!) to study Mathematics and Computer Science. I then spent a year in Perth, Australia working in the emerging personal computer industry. I returned to the UK for a few years working for a Consulting Actuary firm while I worked through my actuarial exams finally qualifying as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in 1997.

In 1998 I moved to the United States and joined Towers Perrin as a Global Actuary and Benefits Consultant in the international practice based in New York. Two short years later I moved out west to settle in Southern California and lead the international practice for the western US. Over my 25 years with the company, now known as WTW, I held a number of different roles across various parts of the business but always innovating, always challenging established ideas to address clients’ business needs and improve outcomes.

My Faith

I am a seeker of truth in whatever I am working on. I don’t make snap judgements or decisions. I need a lot of detail before I will give you my opinion or recommendation. With the same rigor I apply to my professional life I was called to investigate the claim that there is a God of the universe who created the earth and every living thing in it, and if so, what this means for us as human beings created in His image.   

It took 8 years of study and some life-changing events that brought me to my knees at the age of 36 sitting in my back yard on a sunny day. I became a Christian in that moment which means I put my full faith and trust in God such that He comes first in my life and directs my steps. There’s a lot more to this story that you can read about in some Blog posts or ask me anytime. But as my faith and knowledge of God has grown over the years it has exponentially enhanced my passion and my professional life. It seems the further human beings move away from an understanding of God and His role in this world, the more chaos ensues with the associated health and cultural problems. I hope to bring a bit of reality and pragmatism back to the conversation in the areas that I work.   

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

My Family

I live a life full of adventure in Southern California with my husband, two teenage boys and two older step-kids out of the house. We love to hike, camp, race go-karts, golf, travel the country and the world, and explore as much as possible. I am a self-confessed foodie and while I love to cook healthy creations for my family and friends, nothing beats discovering a new restaurant with an inventive take on delicious and nutritious.

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