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Thought Leadership & Education

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Is Functional Medicine the Future of Corporate Healthcare?


Can natural health modalities save the overpriced and
underperforming healthcare industry?

Functional Medicine Coming to an Employer Near You

How natural medicine may
be the answer to runaway
healthcare costs

Do we need to return
to wellness?

Why are people sicker and dying younger than

they were two decades ago?

Did you know that medical mistakes

are the third leading cause of death in the US?

Did you know approximately 150,000 people die every year
in the US due to medications taken as prescribed?

The concerning jump in mortality in the under 50s.
A review of Ed Dowd’s book.

Scatter diagram of elements of Critical Thinking such as Flexibility, Explanation, Listening, Research, Analysis, Evaluation, Objectivity and Fairness

Corporate HR have a huge impact on the health and productivity of the employees in their care

Healthy and engaged employees are a valuable asset in any business

Today's HR leaders need to master critical thinking skills and employ decision science while avoiding being influenced by their own personal fears or the loud but unreasonable voices of the few

The more the culture moves away from Objective Truth, the worse the harm to mental and emotional health and the human experience.

The secret to human flourishing is not so secret. We have known the answers for two thousand years but now it seems we need to do scientific studies to prove it.

Have we redefined truth?

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Emma teaches a range of classes from single topics to self-paced courses all available in a comprehensive online Learning Center.

Corporate Health and Wellness, HR Matters, Manager Training. Courses can be adapted to your organization culture and environment if preferred.

Individual health and faith topics including How to Be a Healthy Human: the workbook, and The Path to Human Flourishing: 12month roadmap.