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Global Experience You Can Trust

Putting the New Paradigm into Practice

Collaborating across the Ecosystem


All industries

Develop a health & wellbeing strategy for your employees that will improve health and reduce healthcare spend

Health Solutions

Vendors | Startups

Enhance your solution with holistic health features. Understand the Corporate market. Going global.


Life | Health | Disability

Increase profitability through embracing holistic health modalities and reducing utilization of expensive healthcare.


Employees | Groups

In group settings understand how to take control of your health and reduce reliance on the healthcare industry.

Human-Centric Approach

Thinking outside the box to bring you insights independent of any outside influence. Just accurate data-driven ideas.

When you focus on individuals to improve their health and wellbeing, the business results will take care of themselves. 

Get in touch and let's collaborate!

Shows the cycle of assistance from Business Needs Identification to Concepts & Ideation to Strategy Development to Testing & Analysis to Refine & Launch to Measure & Evolve and back to Business Needs Identification

Project-Based or Ongoing

Emma can assist at any one stage with a specific project or partner on an ongoing basis to enhance and challenge your team.