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Application to the Unique Circumstances of Each Individual

Do you have a small group setting in your church, community, place of work or extended family looking to improve your health and vitality?
Emma is developing a Curriculum for such settings with a combination of short lessons and a guided roadmap.

Level 1: Fix Your Food

You cannot improve your health without first improving what you put into your body as fuel. This level goes step by step looking at food hacks to make slight improvements to what you already eat every day, adding some healthier options and gradually removing the worst offenders. It will also cover some basics of Supplementation.

Level 2: Move and Soothe

Once you are feeding your body better we will dig deeper into aspects such as how often are you moving your body throughout the day and addressing your emotional and mental health. We'll find ways to incorporate enjoyable activities into your day and tackle stress.

Level 3: Flourish

It takes time to build new routines and you need to be comfortable with the changes you have made through levels 1 and 2 before you tackle Level 3. This may be 6-12 months later. Here we will look to go beyond even your past "healthy" baseline. It will help you assess any ongoing toxic exposures including the conventional healthcare you are receiving for any diagnosed conditions. It will also address your spiritual life, any past trauma and help you figure out your purpose.

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