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Writing & Speaking

A Unique Blend of Honesty and Humor

Emma is passionate about a variety of topics but the four core themes you’ll get her best work are shown here with some sample sub-categories. Of course it’s important to tailor the content to YOUR audience and objectives. So reach out and have a chat to see if your idea is a good fit.  

Health and Nutrition

Shifting the paradigm

Optimal nourishment

The role of toxins

Reversing chronic conditions

Healthcare Industry

Health Economics

Profits over outcomes

Learning from History

Mortality and lifespan

HR Matters

Develop a wellbeing strategy

Cultural impact on HR policy

Better benefit designs

Human-Centric HR


Human flourishing

Evidence for belief

Compatibility of faith with science

God’s Eye View of Human Life


Explore Emma’s Blog to see her latest articles and get a sense of her point of view on a range of topics. Articles can be re-written for a specific audience or pick your topic for a custom piece for your publication or website.   


Talk to Emma about contributing regular custom content in written or video format. Custom content can be tailored to your needs and delivered periodically or a full series delivered in a single package.

Speaking & Workshop Facilitation

From signature talks on the topics above to whatever your custom needs are, we’ve got you covered. Emma is comfortable speaking to any size group both virtually and in person. If it’s more of a conference format or tailored workshop no problem. Whether you’re looking to convince your senior leadership that helping employees improve their health is good for business or want to engage employees to take responsibility for their health Emma can adjust accordingly. Never boring and full of substance. Let Emma inspire your audience!

Review & Collaboration

If you just need “behind the scenes” assistance for your own content creation or speaking engagement we can do that. Emma can help you hone your topics to your audience and provide the data, statistics or research needed to back up the message. 

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