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Emma's First Book Now Available for Pre-Order

Learn the truth about the healthcare industry, how little your genes influence your health, the real impact of lifestyle and daily toxin exposure, and how to shift the paradigm.

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Book cover of How to Be a Healthy Human
Illustration from Chapter 2 of book

Part of the secret is knowing you have options.

Emma digs into the three major categories of ill health to dispense with common myths and provide practical guidance.

Contents Page Sneak Peek

Science is just catching up to what we’ve known all along – the secret to human flourishing – and healthy aging – is not dependent on a profit-driven healthcare industry. It is in YOUR hands.

Includes appendix written to HR Managers and Corporate Sponsors presenting a new approach to corporate health and wellbeing that will make a real impact on runaway healthcare costs.

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Venn diagram of Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual Health.

Take your reading to the next level with How to Be a Healthy Human – The Workbook. Useful for:

Individual Study

To prompt discussion with a friend or family member

Guidance for a book study or small group

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