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Health Solutions

Vendors | Startups

Take Your Solution to the Next Level

Employers are looking to consolidate the number of

vendors they have to manage and budgets are tight


Employees are looking for more choice and flexibility in
the benefits and solutions offered by their employers

Solutions need to be:

Number 1

Broad in their offering. Focus is important and your unique approach is key but it must appeal to a
wide range of employees.

Number 2

Have a demonstrated ROI. You must have a clear path to improving outcomes and the return on investment with research backing up your claims. Are you reducing employees’ reliance on medications and doctors’ visits, ie. reversing disease and improving health?

Number 3

Maintain engagement. Beyond a structured and compelling implementation, you must demonstrate ongoing activity through support, education, feedback, and progress measurement.

Number 4

Scaleable. So many employers nowadays have employees across the country and around the world.

Emma can help with:


Strategy Input

Whether you are just getting started or have conquered initial benchmarks and are ready to take it to the next level, Emma's experience can contribute to your ideas.

Developing a Broader Offering

If you have a successful niche product but want to broaden your audience or meet additional needs.

Content Contributions

If you want to add content that includes Emma's unique point of view. Written articles, podcasts or webinars to members.

Going Global

Which countries to focus on and go-to-market-strategies that will resonate locally. How the health environment differs by country. Adaptation of content.