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Bravo France!

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Bravo France!

Known for its excellent food and wine (as well as its unusually low levels of heart disease compared to the rest of Europe and the US) there is one more reason to love France – their willingness to stand up to the cell phone manufacturers.


In case you haven’t heard the buzz, France announced a ban on iPhone 12 sales due to them failing safe radiation standards. Predictably Apple scrambled to announce software updates would fix the problem continuing to push the industry narrative that there is no clear link between cell phone radiation and health. Before you file this story away under amusing anecdotes, please follow the red flag and investigate further. There is a lot more behind this story.


As of writing there are actually 42 different cell phone models that have failed radiation standards at some point in Europe and been identified as dangerous to the health of users. Don’t bother figuring out which models though as there are now hundreds of independent scientists all around the world who claim the industry narrative is entirely false and all models are problematic. The science focuses on various types of electromagnetic radiation (also called electromagnetic fields, frequencies or EMFs).

According to this group of scientists speaking out (and many others who have not signed the declaration) the thousands of peer-reviewed studies completed in the last two decades clearly demonstrate that our current exposure to 2G/3G/4G WiFi and Bluetooth radiation is linked to a myriad of health problems. Beyond the brain cancers caused by cellphone radiation EMFs have been shown to degrade your mitochondria and make your blood-brain barrier more permeable exacerbating the effects of other toxins you might be exposed to. EMFs have been linked to other neurological effects such as depression, anxiety, dementia and autism. They have been linked to cardiac irregularities, reduction in sperm quality for men carrying their phone in their pant pocket and breast cancer in women carrying their phone in their bra. The effects on children are far worse since their heads absorb twice the radiation of adults. The risks of 5G next generation cell phones are likely to be far worse.


It’s a complex topic so I’ve included several references below so you can delve in further.

Strategies to Limit the Damage From Cell Phones

Damage is dose dependent and exposure reduces considerably with distance. Do not carry your phone on your body. Keep it at least 3ft away as much as possible.

While on a phone call do not put your phone up to your head. Use the speaker or a special headset that doesn’t transmit the radiation.

If you have to carry your phone around use a bag with built in protection.

Reduce the number of apps that are constantly communicating with cell towers.

Keep your phone in airplane mode as much as possible.

Try not to use your phone if you only have one or two bars as the radiation is boosted to connect.

Emma Tekstra
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