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I’m not a Christian because…

Emma Tekstra > Faith  > I’m not a Christian because…

I’m not a Christian because…

I’m not a Christian because I grew up in a Christian home. I grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home in Leeds, England. We’d probably be considered Conservative Jews in the US. My family still cannot come to terms with my way of life.


I’m not a Christian as a way to make some friends. I find it harder in the Christian world where many wives choose to focus on their families at home rather than pursue a career beyond. I often don’t fit in. I’m more comfortable talking about business and outdoor pursuits with men whereas the church encourages women to develop female friendships. I’m an anomaly. My husband is my best friend.


I’m not a Christian because a charismatic preacher filled my head with rainbows and love. The way of the Christian is actually full of tough lessons and a constant striving for improvement. I am simply a seeker of truth and church is where I find it.


I am a Christian because I thoroughly investigated the claims of the bible and found them to be true. And then God did the rest. I’m happy to talk about it anytime.  According to Scripture there are only two kinds of people on earth, those that know Him intimately and those that don’t. There are major implications depending on which category you fall into. Shouldn’t you investigate and know for sure?

Emma Tekstra
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