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Have a Conversation with Your Teenager About Nutrition

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Have a Conversation with Your Teenager About Nutrition

The teenage years are arguably the most critical in our development. The habits and attitudes developed during these formative years will be very hard to change in later life. If you don’t teach them, it’ll be mass media driven by big business advertising dollars that will win their hearts.

We may think our teenagers aren’t listening to us but actually if a third-party asked a teenager who they trust most for practical advice it’s most likely they will admit one or both parents.

When was the last time you chatted with your teenager about nutrition? Other than “eat your vegetables” I’ll wager it hasn’t come up all that much.

Here’s a short little class I have used in various settings to teach teenagers about nutrition including how to read food labels. Please watch it and share the information with any teenagers in your life or just pass it on. Don’t let any teenager move out of home without knowing what a parsnip is and how to cook it!

Emma Tekstra
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