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August 2023

It took me 8 years of going to church and studying the evidence before I became a Christian. I was raised in a traditional Jewish home going to Synagogue every weekend and celebrating all the Jewish festivals but there seemed to be no reason for the rules that we followed. Many of our actions were hypocritical such as following dietary laws at home but not...

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I had been struggling with an underperforming thyroid for years. At my annual physicals the standard blood tests showed my TSH levels steadily rising well outside “normal” ranges. I exhibited many of the typical symptoms (we’ll get into below) and finally in 2020 my well-meaning doctor prescribed “Nature-throid” to be taken daily reassuring me it was “natural” as he knew my avoidance of all medications....

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The human body is a marvel of biochemical engineering. The brain is its enigmatic master controller. Doctors and scientists haven’t even scratched the surface of how the human body and brain work. It’s only arrogance and ignorance to pretend we’ve figured it out. This summer I had the pleasure of meeting Uri Geller at his eclectic museum in the old city of Jaffa, just outside Tel...

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