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The human body is a marvel of biochemical engineering. The brain is its enigmatic master controller. Doctors and scientists haven’t even scratched the surface of how the human body and brain work. It’s only arrogance and ignorance to pretend we’ve figured it out. This summer I had the pleasure of meeting Uri Geller at his eclectic museum in the old city of Jaffa, just outside Tel...

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Awayday may be a British expression. Apologies to my American readers if this doesn’t resonate. You might call it a retreat but that sounds extensive, or an escape but that sounds negative. I just needed to get away from all my commitments and re-assess my priorities after leaving my corporate job of 25 years and starting my own gig. An awayday more typically involves a team...

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The turn of the new year 2023 saw my husband and I jet off to Maui for a few days to escape the heavy rain in Southern California and rest from a hectic 2022. The prerequisite for our last-minute escape was to avoid LAX airport and limit one plane ride in either direction. Maui is a mere 5 hour flight from Long Beach airport and...

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